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Guardians can request "granny cams" in Texas nursing homes

Earlier this month, Louisiana became the fifth state to adopt "granny cam" laws in skilled nursing facilities. It follows similar laws in Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Washington and Texas.

After the influx of reports of elder abuse in recent years, guardians and other family members have sought a way to increase protection and accountability for their loved ones. Data suggests around 5 million residents suffer abuse in nursing homes each year.

Additionally, as many as 25 percent of nursing home residents across the United States will experience will experience abuse in a nursing home. Tragically, many of these instances go unreported. Guardians across the country believe granny cams might be the solution to protect their loved ones.

Granny cams are intended to keep a continuous recording in a resident's individual room. Because of privacy regulations, they cannot be used without the consent of a resident or his or her guardian. If a resident or guardian wishes to have a camera in the room, they must request it from the facility.

Skilled nursing facilities cannot "retaliate" against a resident or guardian for requesting or using one of the legal recording devices. Additionally, federal and state laws require skilled nursing homes to adhere to regulations regarding the care of residents. As a guardian, it is important to ensure the nursing home is fulfilling its duties under the law.

Guardianship provides you the ability to make personal decisions for a loved one that could affect his or her life in a positive way. If you have any questions about establishing guardianship, consult with an experienced legal professional today.

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