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Addressing a home during probate administration

After the death of a loved one, there are often many assets that need addressing. In many cases, the decedent will have created estate planning documents that indicate how the assets should be distributed. Still, it is likely that probate administration will be needed before the property can be distributed or sold.

In particular, Texas residents may wonder how to handle an inherited house. This issue can be particularly tricky because individuals often do not know what steps need taking before they can place a deceased person's home for sale. If the property deed or title was placed into a trust then passed directly to a person, it is likely that probate or other legal proceedings are not necessary before possession can be taken and the property sold.

Of course, if a trust was not used, the property will likely need to go through probate. Once the property has gone through the necessary legal proceedings and loose ends have been addressed, the new homeowner will probably have the ability to sell the home. If such a decision is made, that person will then need to make the necessary preparations for such a sale.

Dealing with a loved one's home during probate administration can be difficult. Even if instructions for how the property should be handled were left by the decedent, complications could easily arise. Texas residents with questions about this type of scenario may find it useful to consult with experienced probate attorneys who can provide insight into property distribution, the selling of probate property and the probate process itself.

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