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Many want guardianships strengthened in Texas

When most people want to take control of their elderly loved ones' affairs, it is out of a desire to protect their vulnerable family members from exploitation. It is not unusual for individuals to seek guardianships in order to legally obtain the ability to control these affairs. However, some parties worry that guardians are not doing enough.

There are concerns that numerous guardianship cases in Texas are not being handled properly. In fact, 41 percent of approximately 30,000 guardianship files that recently underwent review were found to be out of compliance. The state already has strong policies in place when it comes to appointing guardians, such as guardianship training, certifications and registration. The state also conducts thorough criminal history checks for proposed guardians.

Still, many people believe that more actions can be taken in order to create better guardianship relationships and to better protect vulnerable parties. As a result, state Senator Judith Zaffirini introduced a bill that would expand the Guardianship Compliance Program across the state and request funding for the operations of the program. The governor would need to accept and sign the measures in order for them to go into effect.

The majority of guardians carry out their jobs with love and the desire to protect their family members. If the new measures are enacted, it may help strengthen these protections. Texas residents who are interested in guardianships and potentially taking control of their loved ones' affairs may find it useful to talk with knowledgeable elder law attorneys who could provide information on the necessary steps and processes involved.

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