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Tips for finding a decedent's assets for probate administration

Acting as the executor of a loved one's estate is not an easy task. Even steps that may seem simple can present complications depending on the circumstances. For instance, during probate administration, it is the duty of the executor to find all of the decedent's assets so that the property can be put to use in paying necessary expenses and so that it can be properly distributed when that time comes. Of course, many Texas executors may wonder how to find all of the assets.

Certainly, if a loved one was not forthcoming with information about his or her belongings and had numerous accounts, an executor may not know where to start looking for property. If a person is looking to determine whether a loved one held any real estate, it may help to check the county assessor's website. This site may allow the executor to search for the decedent's name to determine whether any real estate was owned in the area.

Another helpful record to check is the decedent's tax returns. These returns should provide information regarding any sources of income the person received, including from accounts that gained interest. Reviewing the previous year's return may not be enough, and looking back a few years may give a better idea of what accounts the decedent may have had.

Locating all of the necessary assets may seem difficult, and it is only one of the first steps of probate administration. Understandably, Texas residents serving as executors may easily feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. Fortunately, they do not have to try to trudge through this process alone. Experienced attorneys can help throughout the proceedings.

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