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Protecting assets important during probate administration

After the passing of a loved one, emotions can understandably run high. Some people may immediately want to go to the home of the decedent in order to be surrounded by his or her things and try to find some sense of comfort. They may even want to take an item or two for themselves. However, this type of action could cause major issues during probate administration, and the executor has the responsibility of ensuring it does not happen.

One of the tasks that a Texas executor has is to protect the estate's assets until the distribution portion of probate. It may seem challenging, but the executor may need to prevent loved ones from even entering the home due to the possibility of someone walking away with an item possibly meant for someone else. Even if the deceased said a specific person would receive an item or tagged assets, if that same information is not reflected in the will, it is not legally binding.

The executor is also responsible for ensuring that no mistakes take place during the probate process. In some cases, a decedent will have indicated that certain assets should be sold and the proceeds should be distributed among the remaining heirs. If the executor sells an item at a fraction of its actual value, heirs and beneficiaries may become angry over this mistake, and serious problems could arise.

Unfortunately, executors have a great number of obligations during probate administration that can cause stress. Still, if Texas residents accept the responsibility, they must also be prepared to handle any strife that may come about. Fortunately, executors can have assistance of their own by obtaining legal support throughout the process.

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