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Probate administration can be confusing and complex

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Firm News, probate administration

Any type of legal process can be confusing. When individuals need to go through legal proceedings after the death of a loved one, they may experience even more confusion because they are also dealing with their grief. Still, probate administration is a process that many families must complete after losing a loved one.

Having the right information can help lessen confusion in many situations. Texas residents working to settle their loved ones’ estates may feel less confused if they understand some of the terms associated with probate. For instance, the executor is the person in charge of ensuring that the decedent’s last wishes are carried out as stated in a will. The decedent is the deceased owner of the estate. If a will was not created, the person in charge is known as the administrator and is appointed by the court.

If an individual did leave behind a will and named an executor, the executor needs to present the will to the court in order to determine whether it is valid. Numerous issues could bring the validity of the will into question, such as whether state laws were followed when creating the document and whether the decedent was of sound mind when he or she created it. If no issues are found with the will, the next steps of the probate proceedings can get underway.

Of course, there are a substantial number of steps involved in probate administration, and a more complex estate will likely see a more complex closing process. Fortunately, Texas executors do not have to struggle through on their own. Probate attorneys are available to help interested parties throughout the proceedings to lessen difficulty and confusion.