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Choosing the right executor for probate administration

Many Texas residents may worry about leaving a burden for their families to sort through when it comes time to close their estates after their passing. Probate administration can be complex, but individuals can help the process go more smoothly by leaving instructions in an estate plan. It can also help to choose an executor well-suited to handle the tasks.

When thinking about who to choose as an executor, it may help to know what the executor will need to do during probate. This person will have to file the will with the probate court in order to start the process and contact all applicable parties about the decedent's passing. Those parties may include banks, creditors, beneficiaries and government agencies. The executor will also need to manage the remaining assets until time for distribution.

While choosing a trustworthy and responsible person is wise, it is also important that the person is qualified to act as the executor. If an individual has been convicted of a felony or is not a U.S. citizen, he or she likely cannot take on the role. Additionally, it is smart to ask the person to be the executor before simply appointing him or her because that individual may not want the responsibility.

In order to choose the right executor, Texas residents may want to gain more information on probate administration. This information may help them understand the number of tasks an executor will need to address and give them a better idea of who may best suit the role. Consulting with experienced probate attorneys could allow parties to obtain reliable information.

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