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Handling Airline Miles After Divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Divorce

There are few reward programs as valuable as airline miles, as they add up quickly and allow you to see the world outside of Decatur, Texas and the greater Wise County community. You and your spouse may save your airline miles for years to make them valuable, but your marriage may, unfortunately, end in divorce. It is important that the miles saved are splittable between you and your spouse though, so you both reap the benefits. Read on below to learn the best methods for the split of this reward.

Airline miles as an asset

For all intents and purposes in divorce law, airline miles are an asset in your marriage. They are actually a marital asset, meaning they have joint ownership between you and your spouse. Texas is a community property state, which means that every marital asset will receive an even divide when considering property division after a divorce. You and your spouse can come to some type of arrangement, however, to make the split still even and to give fairness towards receiving the same amount of mileage in terms. You can get creative with this as well in order to avoid a messy fight.

Options available to you

As stated, you and your spouse can find creative options to help you split your airline miles evenly after divorce. These can include:

  • A transfer of the points into separate rewards accounts
  • Giving a cash valuation of the points to one spouse, while the other keeps the points
  • Make agreements on the usage of the points
  • Use the points only for special considerations such as sending children to each other

Final thoughts

Divorce poses many sticky situations for you and your spouse to discuss together and come to agreements on. A lawyer can give you personalized care to help you reach these agreements without a mess in a way that takes care of everyone. Make sure the agreement that you come to includes the rewards you have from your marriage, including airline mileage rewards. Make clear guidelines as to what happens with these miles, ensuring everyone is on the same page.