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Modifying your current child support order when life changes

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2021 | Divorce

When parents in Decatur divorce, it is likely that one parent will pay child support to the other parent. However, life is always changing and a support order that may have worked for months or even years might eventually need to be changed. To do so, the parents will have to go to court for a modification of their child support order.

When can I seek a child support modification?

You can seek a modification of child support under two circumstances. One is if your situation or your child’s situation has materially and substantially changed. The other is if it has been three years or more since the last support order was made and based on Texas child support guidelines, a new support order would be at least 20% or $100 different than the current support order. Either the paying parent or receiving parent can seek a modification of a child support order. It is important to note that the support order can go up or down.

Material and substantial change in circumstances

There are several grounds upon which the court will determine that there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances that would warrant a modification of a child support order. One consideration is whether the income of the paying parent has either gone up or gone down. Another is if the paying parent has had more children that they are responsible for providing for. A third consideration is whether the child’s health insurance has changed. Finally, a fourth consideration is whether the child’s living arrangements have changed.

Explore your child support rights

If your existing child support order simply does not make sense given the changes in your life and your child’s life, you will want to learn more about modifying your current child support order. With the right information you can determine whether modification is best for you and your child.