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How do I conduct myself to aid an amicable divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce can be complicated, especially for those that have been married for decades. And, if one even has a passing interest in divorce headlines, the process seems like one big fight between two people that used to be in love. However, divorce does not have to be such a drag-out fight, like the split of Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock. Indeed, a divorce can be amicable.

Cannot be done alone

While one’s own conduct can help or destroy an amicable divorce, a key prerequisite is that both spouses have to agree to an amicable divorce. As such, this post is about what both spouses must do, not just the conduct of one spouse.

No drama

One of the most important ways to maintain an amicable divorce, once both spouses agree, is to keep as much emotional turmoil out of the process as possible. Of course, the divorce process is emotional. There is no way around that, but both spouses must think of the larger picture when negotiating the terms of the divorce. Do not point fingers or blame the other spouse, even if one is right, blame and accusations can stall negotiations. These emotional issues are better left to therapy.


Because of the emotional nature of divorce, therapy is often recommended. This can be marriage counseling, individual counseling, group therapy, etc. It can help one work through their pain and trauma, while ensuring that the divorce stays amicable.

Give the process time

Another key is patience. Give the Texas divorce process the time it needs. Especially for larger marital estates and marriages with children, working through the myriad of issues will take time, and not growing impatient will help the process.


First and foremost, Texas divorce litigation is costly. In fact, a protracted legal battle can destroy huge amounts of the marital estate, but an amicable divorce maintains the maximum amount of the marital estate. This means more money and assets for the spouses to start their new life in Decatur or the surrounding communities. Moreover, an amicable divorce is much less stressful on the spouses and their children, and it can make co-parenting much easier once the divorce is completed.