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Is your spouse trying to hide assets?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2023 | Divorce

When going through divorce, the most trying task is usually asset division, especially for childless couples.

During this process, it is possible that your spouse may attempt to hide assets from you to avoid paying the full amount of alimony. How do you spot these red flags?

Passive asset hiding

Forbes points out that many assets hide in plain sight. For example, most people forget about airline mileage that they never use, or country club memberships for a club they have not gone to in a while.

In the stress of divorce, you are not likely to remember these assets, either. However, your spouse might remember them. They engage in passive asset hiding if they decide not to remind you about these assets in the hopes that they will go untouched during the divorce and no one will have a claim to them.

This is not as egregious as people who actively hide assets, though. This involves the active obfuscation of asset sources or assets in their entirety.

Red flags of active asset hiding

When someone actively attempts to hide assets, it is easier to notice, usually. They will often change their spending habits, either increasing or decreasing the usual amount they spend by a large margin.

They will also often grow more furtive about their financial information, showing great reluctance regarding the sharing of any information at all, even down to the smallest receipt.

If you notice these signs, you may want to act. It is possible that your spouse has attempted to hide assets.