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Resolving issues arising in the probate process

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2024 | probate administration

Much like it is true that everyone will pass on, it is also true that the property, assets and debts held at the time of your death must be administered through probate. Unless an individual took specific measure to avoid the probate process, probate will likely to necessary to not only recognize an individual’s death, but to also pay any outstanding debts and distribute the remaining property and assets in accordance with their will or any other estate planning document, if present.

While probate is something many seek to avoid because it can be a lengthy and sometimes costly process to undergo, it is sometimes necessary and could be the best options when it comes to addressing any conflicts or will contests arising during the state administration process.

Probating a will

The Law Offices of Marilyn J. Belew, P.C. knows firsthand how complex probate can get. This is why our attorneys work diligently to provide personalized guidance based on the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to not only protect your rights and interests throughout the probate process, but to also ensure you do not find yourself at a loss because something was overlooked or detailed attention was not given to your matter.

Resolving issues and disputes

With over 20 years of experience, our law firm understands that disputes could arise during the estate administration process. Additionally, mistakes could be made in the estate planning process, resulting in the need for probate. And if a loved one passed without a valid will established, probate will be needed, as they are deemed to have died intestate. Our law firm has a long record of helping our clients successfully navigate and resolve these matters.

Just like estate plans are unique to the individual, the probate process is unique as well. The issues and disputes that arise could be based on disagreements among potential beneficiaries or a claim that mistake or errors were made.

Whether there is a will contest or argument of an invalid will, it is important to be aware of the legal process available, your legal rights and what options you have to resolve the matter. A legal professional can help you make an informed decision by answering any questions you have.