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Keeping The Best Interest Of The Child In Every Case

When you are fighting for your child, you need a knowledgeable attorney you can trust to represent you and your child’s needs. The Law Offices of Marilyn J. Belew, P.C., is known throughout the community for providing personalized and efficient solutions to your most personal family law matters. Attorney Marilyn Belew has over 20 years of legal experience and strives to give your case the detail and attention it deserves. She has worked on numerous child custody and support cases in Texas, defending parents’ rights before other parties including Child Protective Services (CPS) and the attorney general.

A Reliable Ally In All Court Proceedings

In contested divorces involving the custody of your children, the court will always side with the best interests of the child. After over two decades of legal representation, Marilyn Belew understands how to advocate for you and your child before the court. Attorney Marilyn Belew evaluates your case and fights for a parenting plan that provides a reliable solution. She knows what approaches work well for any situation. You can also expect personal attention and open communication, to keep you up to date on your case and any developments.

Whether you are fighting for the child support you deserve or defending yourself against claims of contempt, you need a lawyer with a thorough understanding of the law to protect your rights. If you are initiating a contempt action, the burden of proof is on you to that the other party willfully violated your agreement. Attorney Marilyn Belew has represented numerous parents in these proceedings and can identify what legal strategies may work best for you.

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Without consulting in a knowledgeable family law attorney, you could be facing severe consequences. Marilyn Belew can offer a personalized defense to protect your parenting rights. To get started on your case, call 940-627-6400 today or fill out the form online.