Decatur Family Law and Probate Attorney

Simplifying The Divorce Process For You

Every divorce is unique — agreed divorces are generally more straightforward, while contested divorces can be stressful and bitter. Some may involve your children, including parenting plans and child support arrangements. The Law Offices of Marilyn J. Belew, P.C., understands that you need personalized care for your personal divorce and works to make the process as seamless for you as possible. In the case of an uncontested divorce, you still could benefit greatly from a trusted family law attorney. Marilyn J. Belew helps facilitate every case quickly and efficiently, removing the burden of the legal process from your shoulders.

A Reliable Mediator, A Talented Litigator

In the state of Texas, every divorce must go through mediation before it goes to trial. By cooperating with the other party, your divorce could be shorter, less expensive and less stressful than if it is taken before the court. But you need an attorney who can achieve results in either case.

When both sides agree on the outcome of their divorce, everyone is generally happier with the results. But even when your divorce is contested, Marilyn Belew will represent your interests while simultaneously striving to achieve an amicable compromise.

Should your case move to trial, Ms. Belew is adept at litigating, and will aggressively pursue your best interests before the court. When your case involves complicated property division or child custody provisions and parenting plans, you deserve no less than a dedicated and reliable divorce attorney by your side.

Call Today; We Can Help

The Law Offices of Marilyn J. Belew, P.C., has helped numerous residents with their most personal family law issues. Even once a divorce is settled, you may need legal support for modifications and appeals in the future. A lifelong ally in family law and divorce can prove invaluable in the face of future conflicts. To schedule an initial consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer, contact our office in Decatur by calling 940-627-6400 or sending an email.