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Presenting a copy of a will for probate administration

Closing a recently deceased loved one's estate can go much more smoothly if the person created an estate plan. Probate administration can rely heavily on the information in wills and other planning documents. It is important that the original documents are at hand, but it is not impossible to use a copy of a will if absolutely necessary.

Tips for finding a decedent's assets for probate administration

Acting as the executor of a loved one's estate is not an easy task. Even steps that may seem simple can present complications depending on the circumstances. For instance, during probate administration, it is the duty of the executor to find all of the decedent's assets so that the property can be put to use in paying necessary expenses and so that it can be properly distributed when that time comes. Of course, many Texas executors may wonder how to find all of the assets.

The challenge of probate administration falls to executors

When settling the Texas estate of a recently deceased individual, someone needs to be in charge. There are many duties and obligations to address during probate administration, and it is important that those activities are handled correctly. This responsibility falls to the executor of the estate.

Addressing a home during probate administration

After the death of a loved one, there are often many assets that need addressing. In many cases, the decedent will have created estate planning documents that indicate how the assets should be distributed. Still, it is likely that probate administration will be needed before the property can be distributed or sold.

Who is in charge of probate administration?

When the estate of a deceased Texas resident needs to be settled, a person needs to be put in charge of handling the tasks involved with that settlement. Typically, this occurs through probate administration, and the person in charge is commonly known as the executor. However, if the deceased individual did not choose an executor, the court may need to appoint a personal representative.


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