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Practice Areas

Family Law

Family Law

Assisting with divorce and the decisions that go with it.

Probate/Estate Administration

Probate/Estate Administration

Help navigating probate or creating a will.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Advocating for injured parties following a car accident.

Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Assertive representation when your future is at stake.

Here To Help You Clear Hurdles

Life can present tough challenges. Divorce and dealing with the loss of a loved one are two of the toughest.

At The Law Offices of Marilyn J. Belew, P.C., you can trust attorney Marilyn Belew to provide peace of mind while dealing with these difficult legal issues. She has represented people in Decatur, Fort Worth, Montague and surrounding communities for more than 20 years.

Your Priorities Are What Matter

Every divorce is different; every estate, unique. When you consult with Marilyn Belew, your case will receive the custom care that is required to meet your needs.

Your divorce may include disagreements about custody or the division of marital assets. The firm is ready to protect your rights in the full range of family law matters.

Or, if a loved one has died, you may be the executor of a will and you seek guidance regarding the Texas probate process. Ms. Belew will explain the legal aspects of your situation in a manner that you can understand.

The Lawyer You Hire Makes A Difference

Legal outcomes are not a certainty, but you want to be sure that your attorney understands your goals and works to achieve them. Marilyn Belew listens carefully and crafts strategies that are designed to gain optimum results for her clients. To get her started on your case, call 940-627-6400 or fill out the firm’s online contact form.

We Also Handle Injury Claims And Criminal Defense

If you are hurt in a car accident or you face criminal charges, your future is at stake. We can help.

We have served Tarrant, Wise and Montague Counties for more than 20 years.