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Some parents may need guardianships in their older years

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2019 | Firm News, guardianships

Many people are lucky enough to see their parents reach their elderly years. While numerous Texas residents are undoubtedly happy to still have their parents around, they can still have concerns about how well their parents are getting on. In some cases, serious issues could put those parents in situations in which they may need guardianships.

The idea of acting as a guardian over a parent may seem unnatural to some people. After all, the parent has taken care of the child for most of his or her life. However, older people can find themselves in vulnerable positions in which they may no longer have the ability to properly handle their own livelihood or make sound financial decisions. Depending on the details, a parent could be in need of guardianship of the person or guardianship of the property.

Guardianship of the person may be appropriate if the parent can no longer make wise decisions when it comes to his or her health care or general well-being. When it comes to guardianship of the property, a guardian may only have the ability to make financial decisions on behalf of the parent. It is important to understand the different powers that a guardian has depending on the specific case.

Of course, guardianships are not simply handed over without reason. If Texas residents feel that their parents may need help in this way, they will need to go through the proper legal channels in attempts to become guardians. It is not an easy process, and as a result, it may be wise for individuals to know what they are getting into ahead of time by speaking with elder law attorneys.