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A guardian has a great deal of responsibility

It can be a difficult time for every family member when it becomes apparent that an older loved one can no longer handle his or her affairs. The concern may start small when a parent or other elderly family seems forgetful but can grow when he or she refuses help taking care of daily needs, appears unable to manage financial matters or otherwise seems in need of continual help. In some cases, the situation may mean that an elderly loved one needs a guardian.

Selling a parent's home during probate administration

After a parent's passing, it is common for children to be in line to inherit certain property. If the parent created a will, it is likely that one piece of property could be left to multiple children, like a house. When more than one person has a claim to the house, questions can arise regarding how it is handled during probate administration.

Guardianships are not always easy to obtain

Though parents who have children with disabilities or special needs may not love them any differently than they would their able-bodied children, they do have different details to consider. For instance, when a child with special needs turns 18, it may not be feasible for him or her to head out into the world and make sound decisions. As a result, parents may need to consider guardianships.


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