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Why parenting plans should include visitation transportation

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Divorcees in Texas should clearly outline the transportation provisions for visitation when they collaborate on a custody agreement. Taking the time to do so will help eliminate future confusion when it is time to ensure that children get to and from visits with their non-custodial parent.

Experts suggest that the specifics of a parenting plan should identify which of the parents is responsible for transportation on visitation days. Other topics that needed addressing include the use of seat belts or other restraints, what happens if the parent providing transportation is late for a pickup and who will pay for transportation costs.

The drop-off location represents a major issue when it comes to transporting children to and from visits. If the court does not choose the drop-off location for them, a public location that both parties can access will do.

Visitation days do not go smoothly for all divorcees. For some, the drop-off of children for visitation can become a real point of contention. If the drop-off begins to involve more tension with time or if there is the possibility of violence, it is time to find a neutral location for the parental exchange.

An attorney or clerk working for the family court system will probably know a few neutral drop-off locations in the local area. Many local police stations double as neutral drop-off locations, so it would not hurt to ask there. If necessary, online databases for neutral drop-off locations are available for many communities.

There are also times when the non-custodial parent will refuse to pick children up for visits. This refusal represents a problem for the custodial parent who is still required to do all he or she can to facilitate the visits. The parent should provide the transportation themselves until a remedy with the court provides relief.

There are many complications when it comes to divorce, and things become more complex when minor children are involved. Individuals going through a divorce that involves a custody determination for minor children might improve their chances of a favorable result by hiring a family law attorney.