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Co-parenting a child with health issues

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Divorce

Co-parenting in Texas is already a challenge. If you’re raising a child with health issues like diabetes, staying in touch with your former spouse becomes even more important. You’ll need to maintain a constant line of communication about your child’s health, condition and treatments to ensure that you’re making the best decisions.

How do you co-parent a child with diabetes?

When you’re co-parenting a child with diabetes, communication is key. If you and your former spouse aren’t talking, you won’t be about to convey information about your child’s health and diagnosis and any treatments they’re receiving. This can cause major health issues for the child, especially if one parent doesn’t know that they were diagnosed.

If you’re not comfortable talking to your former spouse in person, you can use a co-parenting app to communicate secure information. You and your former spouse need to make sure you’re up to date on your child’s dietary needs and restrictions. You’ll also need to discuss treatments, medications and anything else that the doctor might have prescribed. Your child won’t be able to manage their diabetes themselves, so it’s important for both parents to give consistent information. Your child might be confused if their parents have different rules about what they can eat or other aspects of their routine.

Additionally, don’t rely on your child to share information with the other parent. They might lie, forget about it or accidentally give them inaccurate information. It’s your responsibility to tell your former spouse what’s going on with your child.

Where can you go for help with co-parenting?

There’s no single co-parenting solution that works for everyone, especially if you’re dealing with a child who has health issues. Your divorce attorney may help you figure out a co-parenting plan and maintain communication with your former spouse for the benefit of your child.