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What does not belong in your will?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | probate administration

The building block of any effective estate plan is your will. This document will travel through the Texas probate court system, where a judge makes certain the wishes you put in place come to fruition. However, some elements you may think go into a will do not belong there.

Learn about key things that should go elsewhere in your estate plan.

Where do you decide who gets what personal property?

Your will directs the disposition of your personal belongings. Here, you can leave specific items, such as furniture and jewelry, to heirs named in the document. You may also leave more significant assets, such as homes and vehicles, to heirs in your will.

Where do you set out your funeral plans?

A will is not the place for you to direct your funeral plans. The timing of the reading of the will and your death is often too substantial for burial plans. You should leave any funeral instructions with the person you have designated as your power of attorney.

Who takes care of your pets?

Your pets may prove an integral component of your family, so you care about what happens to them after you die. Your will is not the place to provide instructions for the care of pets. Instead, you need a separate document to designate the person or persons you want to take the pets, plus any financial compensation you leave for that purpose.

A will does many things, but your comprehensive estate plan should include more documents. Other elements of an estate plan can also ensure that your needs receive attention when you are towards the end of life.