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What should you focus on with your divorce settlement?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Divorce

There are numerous different ways to potentially go through your divorce process, such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative divorce.

It is possible to further maximize the chances of a good outcome by having the adequate preparation necessary for facing the divorce.

Defining the necessities

The Financial Sherpa discusses ways to navigate divorce settlement situations in the best way. There are numerous steps to take, including the following.

First, each member of the couple should know what they want and need, and also what their spouse wants and needs. This is how each person will come up with their non-negotiable lists. Focusing on the things that are an absolute must-have will make it easier to negotiate later down the road.

Clearing the estate

Next, ensure that the marital estate in question is clear. Both partners need to include all appropriate assets in the marital estate in order for things to end up equitably divided. Thus, it is important to comb through financial details and information to uncover anything missed or potentially hidden.

Maintaining professionalism

Finally, make sure to stay mindful of tone when going through the negotiating process. This is not a place to act overly emotionally or to vent frustrations. It is also not a place for overt aggression or a complete lack of understanding. Try to keep things professional and business-like, as this is the most neutral way to approach the situation and thus one of the best.

Taking these steps may make it easier to obtain an agreeable divorce settlement without wasting too much time, effort or energy.