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Four things to include in your will

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2023 | probate administration

Preparing a will is an essential step to take so you can ensure your loved ones carry out your wishes after you die. A proper will eliminates confusion and conflicts with your loved ones, so it is important to carefully consider what to include in this document.

Additionally, it is common in Texas to choose an executor of your will; this person should be trustworthy because they present the will and distribute the assets on your behalf.

Funeral and burial information

If you have specific requirements for your funeral or burial, declare them in detail in your will. These instructions will guide your loved ones and relieve them of some of the stress that arises while making difficult decisions during grief.

Assets and property

Your will should contain the exact information of your assets and property, including real estate you own, bank account information, investments, digital assets (crypto), physical assets and anything else you want to pass on to others after you die. Furthermore, it should dictate the beneficiary for each item.


Individuals with minor children should provide details about the care of the children in the event they are no longer present.

Identifying a future guardian for the children is important, even if you feel that you are unlikely to need this. If your children are over the age of 12, talk about it with them and find out their preferences, as that is what a court would do if you did not appoint someone.

Charitable contributions

If you intend to give some of your assets to a philanthropic entity, declare it in your will. This declaration should clearly identify the charitable organization in question, along with details about the nature and extent of the intended contribution.

A will is not only beneficial after you die, but it also gives you peace of mind while you are alive.