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Divorcing a narcissist takes determination

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Life with a narcissistic partner is difficult. You might think that ending a marriage to a narcissist is going to be easier than living with them, but this probably isn’t how things are going to work. If you’re splitting up with a person who suffers from narcissism, you’re in for a battle. While it is likely going to be a challenge, there are ways that you can minimize the stress that you’ll go through.

You must ensure that you have an attorney who is going to fight for you. In most cases, it’s best to let your attorney deal with your ex’s attorney. This takes some of the power away from your ex because they won’t be able to see how their tactics are impacting you.

There is a very slim chance that you’ll be able to work out the terms to end the marriage through mediation or a similar collaborative method. Your ex’s goal of the divorce is to win. They likely aren’t going to be able to compromise over anything because they see compromise as a failure. Because of this, you’re almost certainly going to have to go through a trial so the court can determine what is going to happen.

Don’t let your ex control the situation. They might try to wear you down so you’ll give in to their demands. Resist this temptation because you still need to do what you can to protect your own interests. Your attorney can help you do this, but you still need to ensure that you carefully consider every option that’s put on the table, so you can decide what’s best for you.