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My Partner Isn’t Following Our Agreement; What Can I Do?

When the court makes a decision, it is legally binding. This means that all parties involved must follow the rules, regardless of whether or not they agree with it. When a former spouse or partner doesn’t agree with a judge’s decision, they might ignore the court order. This makes things difficult for everyone involved. At The Law Offices of Marilyn J. Belew, P.C., we can help you get enforcement of orders in Texas.

What Is Enforcement Of Orders?

Whether it is paying child support, following visitation or respecting the boundaries of your divorce agreement, both parties are legally required to follow a court order. Enforcement of orders are official proceedings that force a person to obey the law. It typically starts with contempt proceedings, which means a judge can order them to pay a fine or send them to jail, or both.

In order to start this process, Marilyn Belew will help you gather as much evidence as possible. We have to build a strong case to prove that your partner is not holding up their end of the deal. It has to be as clear and as specific as possible. If it is not clear, the court can ask for clarification. They may give the other party another chance to make it right. Every case is different. Our firm is not afraid of a challenge. Marilyn Belew is here to make sure your rights are being correctly enforced.

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If your former partner is not following through, you deserve to hold them accountable. Marilyn Belew is here to answer any questions you may have and can provide an honest assessment of your situation. Contact our office in Decatur today at 940-627-6400 or fill out our contact form.